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Welcome to CAREY – Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God

We are home to CAREY Theological College, Institute and Centre on the beautiful UBC campus in Vancouver, BC, CAREY is a leader of innovation and affordability in theological education.

CAREY students are able to live and work in their context of ministry or vocation while pursuing their educational goals. Many courses are offered online throughout the year, while short on-campus courses are an ideal environment for students to deepen community with each other and professors.

If you have any questions or would like to visit our campus, please contact us at 604.224.4308 (or our toll free line 1.844.862.2739) or email us at info@carey-edu.ca.


Jun. 19 - Aug. 18
BIBL 623CM The Gospel of John: Upper Room Discourse Hybrid (ECBC Dates: May 8-13) Darrell Johnson
DMBL 923CM The Gospel of John: Upper Room Discourse Hybrid (ECBC Dates: May 8-13) Darrell Johnson
HIST 507CM Christianity in Modern China (國)
Guided Study
Clement Tong
INDS 630 Faith and Life Module III: Family
Tim Ngai
THEO 618CM Theological Reflection (國)
Samuel Ho
THEO 630 Christian Ethics
Barry Stricker


Timothy (Tim) Ngai is a scholar, pastor, therapist, and spiritual director currently serving as the Associate Professor of Family Ministries and Spiritual Formation and as the Director of the Chinese Spiritual Formation Programs at CAREY. A frequently sought after preacher and teacher in churches locally in North America and internationally in Asia, Tim brings with him, 20 years of clinical experience specializing in marriage and family therapy. He has over the years, provided spiritual guidance and direction to many pastors, missionaries, and church leaders, and looks forward to walking with students as they journey through their programs at CAREY. Find out more about Dr. Ngai here.


Weather in the Holy Land (Eric Idle, 1963)

Posted on 09 Apr 2013
Eric Idle, in his first sketch as a student at Cambridge in 1963 doing a bit written by John Cleese. Jonathan Wilson has been in Israel teaching and touring and I knew that he would appreciate a theological weather forecast (whatever that is). The skit is entitled “The Old Testament Weatherman”: “Good even. Well it’s been a pretty rough week in the Holy Land hasn’t it? Anyway let

Welcome to “For What It’s Worth”

Posted on 28 Feb 2013
Rob Des Cotes is a fellow pastor who worked with me in church ministry for many years. He would often introduce something profound with the comment “for what it’s worth” and it sounded to my ears a bit like the biblical “verily, verily.” Following that phrase came words that were thought out, personal, focused, sometimes confrontational or challenging, and always helpful and true. I have called ou



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